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UK and Ireland S/4HANA migrations accelerated during 2021 COVID-19 lockdowns, figures reveal

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Challenge: What is it with SAP in five sentences or less.

SAP to me, is the epitomy of techno-babble, the author of these is lines is divided over whether to apologize for this blatant and aggressive show of his ignorance.

However ...

I was recently discussing with friends, that SAP's own job listings on its own web-site, are most probably a good contender for the "job ad from hell" as they are a seemingly random collection of buzz-words and IT-lingo terms. Maybe this is a natural filter: if this doesn't make any sense to you, the job is most probably isn't for you either.

So, I have a rough idea what you can do if your company uses SAP, e.g., manage orders, stocks of material, etc.

But what is it with all these acronyms, that are most probably acronyms for a collection of acronyms themselves.

What are they migrating towards?

For years, there have been articles on S/4HANA migration in various tech-media, i mean this isn't the great migration of the dark ages?

Please, enlighten me why this is such a big deal that we read so much of it.

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