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Departmental lack of realism

"Cookies aren't the problem it's the tracking of unique codes in cookies, urls, and those bits of screen scraping pervert ware"

Exactly correct, but DCMS seems to have missed this point entirely. I drew attention to it in my submission to Data: a New Direction but I doubt they'll pay attention, any more than they do to the "cookie pop-up problem". They think that the problem is the seeking of consent, whereas in reality it's the intrusiveness of the pop-ups, that block access until you've been coerced into responding.

The two main barriers to getting the reality across to the Govt. are its lack of technical expertise and the multiple conflicts of interest it's subject to. However these conflicts of interest are not even apparent to those who suffer from them. For example, one of the proposals in the Data: a New Direction consultation was to widen the responsibilities of the ICO to include consideration of 'competition', economic growth and innovation alongside the protection of data subjects. How blinkered can you get?

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