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Privacy Sandbox saga continues: UK watchdog extracts more commitments from Google over ad tech


Ah yes the "Being seen to be doing..." hypocrisy.

Cookies aren't the problem it's the tracking of unique codes in cookies, urls, and those bits of screen scraping pervert ware by the likes of Adobe and Hotjar and the tying of this data together. Just outright ban selling of data unless the original user officially sanctioned it and if the user does sanction it then the company must give 90% of the profit they make on that data to the user their harvested it from. Make having the data useless and its handling egregious would go a long way to stopping this, hit them where it hurts (their shareholders wallets).

This is why I always prefer not to keep any data the user isn't in direct control of on any of my products. One must always practice what they preach.

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