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Re: The Population of Tuvalu is about 12,000

> Unfortunately it is an atoll and is already beginning to be overwhelmed by rising ocean levels. Like Kiribati, a country I worked in, its remaining years are rapidly slipping away.

Sorry, chum, you need to update your numbers. Yes, Tuvalu was originally included in the HORROR! list of FIVE! islands that were being SWALLOWED! by RISING SEAS! oh woe!

But they discovered someone had just cocked the numbers up. Bit like Indonesia vs Jakarta.

So, sadly for the doom-mongers, Tuvalu joined the list of over 500 Pacific islands which are NOTDOOMED! because of FALLING! sea levels.

Who knew the sea had hills? How 'bout that? Of course, a cynic might suggest sea-level is sea-level and that the Pacific islands are in one of the most volcanic regions of the planet e.g. the Ring of Fire, are themselves just the tips of old volcanoes, and so they are just being variously lifted up or down by the underlying tectonic action. Over 99% are being lifted up out of the ocean, less than 1% sinking. But that's a bit boring and doesn't make for any good armageddon human-guilt drama, really. Hysterical fictions are MUCH more fun.

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