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'Clunky Windows Update' is all over the shop in Windows 11.

Last week, Windows 11 offered a cumulative update to .NET:

"2021-11 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 11 for x64 (KB5006363)"

that wouldn't install because it had been released a week earlier as a preview update.

And yesterday,

Windows 11 offered and installed the following critical update with what looked like an update for Windows 10 'Server Version':

KB4023057 Update for Windows SV Version 21H2.

Come on Microsoft, we know you like your code names "Sun Valley" but FFS, most people get utterly confused by this, thinking it stands for 'Server Version'. Whoever you have in charge of Windows Update, needs to be replaced or at least supervised by someone with some competency.

This is shameful. There have only been 8 patches released to date for Windows 11.The bag of clunky rusty old nails, 'Windows Update' continues to be - just that.

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