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Unimportant? Or difficult to test?

You'd need to travel to multiple locations with problematic reception on a certain carrier, use a SIM for that carrier, and then collect data (dbm of signal reception, observed bandwidth, error rate, etc.) and "make a call".

Differences in the conditions (weather, improvements or breakage in the cell tower you connect to at that location) or load on the carrier's network on the day you happened to test could render your tests useless unless you also bring along a few "known quantity" phones you've tested previously to act as controls.

It could take all day to do a good job testing this and it still might not be applicable to someone's experience who has different bands available to them (due to differences in the antennas provided for each in the phone) let alone a different country where even more things might be different. To top it off, a brand new model you decide has crap reception could be greatly improved a month or two after release once a firmware update that carries fixes to the baseband is applied...

It is a lot easier to run a bunch of CPU/GPU benchmarks in your basement, take a few photos, and write your review.

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