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Good of you to mention it. Brings some memories back - from those dark 3G times, when even venerable Nokia E series phones had had difficulties when roaming betwen 2G and 3G regions. No Android-run smartphone could really be relied upon conection wise, the only smartphones that worked reliably (at least with T-Mobile networks) were Iphones. A technical office guy explained to me (then very confidentially, though I believe he no longer works there) that their cellular network was tailored to work perfectly with Iphones, whereas other brands needed to tweak their slabs to work with the network. Skip some ten years, and most T-Mobile networks in Europe are built with Huawei tech (no more Nokia and Ericsson), 3G being switched off in most places, Iphone is to the engineering guys just one brand of many, and voila, one gets better reception and better LTE parameters with good value Huawei phones than with pricey Iphones.

One has to admire these things, by the way. Reliable high throughput wireless links (bluetooth, wifi, 4g, 5g, all of them) are work of alchemy, time and again killing hopes of many a small networking start up. Things like 256qam demodulation, 8 bits per baud, by a 4 chip in a wristwatch, just to get those AR Pokemon game updates while strolling in the park. A miracle.

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