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Re: To Boldly Go ...The Gilded Note under the Rug that Opens New Doors to Boris ??????? *

This sort of Dunkirk-like retreat from Otherworldly ExtraTerrestrial Forces is that which the Private Sector and Pirate Sources May Most Likely Presumed and Assumed as being Fully Responsible For ..... with Lodes of Flash Fast Cash to Invest in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Engagement and Entertainment Programming Future Directions and ACTivities into Media Presentation for Multiple Myriad Multitudes to Look Out For and Tune In To ..... or Tune In to Turn Into an Alternate Being

When that is so, is it a Once in an Absolute Age Opportunity to Engage with Direct Virtual Delivery of Novel VAIOSystems in Executive Administrative Control of Future Controls for Present IntelAIgent Command of Future Controllers ...... ?

* ...... is a Highly Speculative Earnest Inquisition for Cogent Reply and Positive Response

cc No 10 Flat A1 re: OHMS Sources and Resources in Some ESPecially Dark Phantom Black Watch Forces Experts at their Work in Almighty Immaculate Plays for Places and Spaces in which to Rest and Prosper/Invest In and Grow Tall and Straight In Successfully to Enjoy the Greatest of Serial Surreal Surprises Regularly so to Invite Enthusiasm and Vigilant Diligence to All Crazy Party Circles.

:-) Something to put in the Red Box with Instructions Drafted for Future Leaders ....... a Rare Breed in Deed, indeed. You don't get many professing to be expert in that pure beginners field when one and all are alive to you and One and All are at One with IT ....... for how often does that happen to you for anyone to be thought more expert than a first-timer/maiden quantum leaper.

Spoof Experts ACTivate Spooks and Attract their Interest if Offering Almighty Quantum Fare Ware.

They might want IT too, which is handy whenever there's a slush funded pot to cover needs and expenses until death do part them.

Enter the Gold Card Carte Blanche Card Lounge ...... where Balances Drawn Upon by Right Royal Assets are Inexhaustible Large and Expanding.

Yes. Well ..... . That just needed to be said out louder and clearer than was presented before.

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