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UK government publishes guidance on security rules for tech takeovers

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In the new guidance, the government said it wanted businesses and investors to get ready for the changes in the law. It wants them to assess whether the government must be notified of an acquisition and understand what they are to expect when they go through the notification and assessment process.

And whenever the government is so notified that the certain use and a quite specific methodical application of a sensitive novel national security threatening technology is a prime product for international/internetional/universal sale, does the government step in with a satisfactory open market price compensation package for vendors/proprietary intellectual property holders who have fully complied with such a regulation for notification of a very possible merger and acquisition position ...... if it wishes to prevent any other third party merger and/or foreign entity acquisition?

A sensible question to ask for a number of extremely pressing reasons with a few being ....

1) Such as may be such a product are nowadays enabled and freely advertised and made simply available for sale to all and sundry aware and in the market place for its warefare.

2) They be incredibly valuable and therefore eye-waveringly expensive to obtain and maintain and retain.

3) Virtually all are extremely volatile and practically impossible to detune or render inoperable, thus are they constantly to be awarded and rewarded with all due mutually beneficial care and positive reinforcing attention.

Is the government public sector body wise to step into that field if it cannot pay the price for its remote joint regulation, or does it imagine the government have private sector partners who be more than willing to take a punt and stump up the lucre in order to have a seat around the leading table in, ideally, an effective command and control of almightily disruptive products, for there are surely more than just one and no reason at all not to expect that there can and therefore will be many more in the near future? Do they possess and wield, as a viable cohesive body, the intelligence necessary to succeed in such an AIdVenturing?

Those are the questions asked of governments required by vendors for answering in order for decisions on whom to notify to be taken. No answers, no notifications.

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