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I am mainly questioning what to recommend for business customers that have been using CentOS, so that they don't face a similar migration decision in 1-2 years. And I can't see how Rocky or Alma stay solid and viable over time, due to the volunteer requirements to keep things solid, and at no cost. In addition ISV's have to decide if they want to support one, or both of them, in addition to RHEL, CentOS for awhile longer, Ubuntu, and maybe Suse. Which most ISV's don't want to keep adding test and certification and support platforms to their matrix from. my discussions with them.

Color me skeptical still, and trying to figure out what to do. Most of the customers I advise are on CentOS 7, so they have some more time to play things out. The few on CentOS 8 I have suggested migrate to RHEL for now, since I could not confidently recommend an alternative at this early stage of things.

It is all fascinating and interesting though....

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