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"The company [Microsoft] faces stiff competition in the MDM arena, not least from Apple and Jamf, making the issue all the more awkward."

Let's be real here. Microsoft isn't playing on a level playing field. They are bundling more and more 'stuff' such as Intune/SCCM (MEM), security tools, SIEM solutions in the E3/E5 super bundles. So customers are more often saying ... "well, it's not great, but it's good enough". It's anti-competitive against a whole raft of competitors, but that's Microsoft's playbook. Whatayagoing to do about it? #shrugshoulders

Some customers see the value of buying best of breed. They want a great solution to manage Apple devices such as JAMF. Or a single solution to manage everything such as VMware Workspace ONE. Or real next gen AV solutions such as Crownstrike or Carbon Black. It depends on whether customers want a 'ok' set of tools, or something better for their business.

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