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"claiming the moral and ethical high ground."

17 MPs who own homes in London which are currently let out are currently also claiming Parliamentary expenses to pay for a London address.

Want to guess how many are Tories, and how many are Labour?

Even the Daily Mail and the Sun are getting upset about the Tories antics. That Johnson chap and his chumocracy friends are starting to look quite vulnerable.

"Fury as 17 MPs use expenses loophole to rake in £1.3m from the taxpayer to cover rent on London flats while making money from property they OWN in the capital - as it's revealed Tory who told Marcus Rashford to stick to his day job has a second job".

or maybe

"SIR Geoffrey Cox is reportedly raking in a fortune renting out his taxpayer-funded London home - and has made at least £5.5million in his second job.

The embattled Tory MP, 61, who has already been accused of using his Commons office for his job as a barrister, even claimed £3,800 for a second London pad while working overseas."

Or various others similar.

Be careful what you wish for when commenting on sleaze.

How's Edwina these days anyway? Y'know, John "victorian values" Major's bit on the side Edwina (Currie). See e.g. sources referenced at if you're unfamiliar with the back story.

A dodgy politician is a dodgy politician, none of the Westminster parties has a monopoly on them.

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