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Brit analysts formed pact to crash Autonomy's market valuation, ex-CFO tells US court

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

100 - (30 + 2) = 68

Jesus, sometimes you lot are pig shit thick.

The comment is not about the equation presidency and not even about the formala in the original document/s,

it's a comment to highlight we're talking about different interpretations of value in company deal, why the money worshippers create those valuations. Hint, valuations are based on individual's making the biggest profit. They may highball or lowball to make the most, however it's all shite. Autonomy was never in a million years worth that valuation, doesn't matter, however if you can sell it and make a profit, who gives a shit, it's the mug on the other ends problem and even there they'll do the same to someone else down the food chain until it hits the poor mugs pension fund, but who cares about proles.

C-Suite emperor's with no clothes don't like being shown for the fools they are. Name the last good leader of HP? Were there ever any?

A pox on all the fcukers.

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