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Interesting Stats

They have some interesting stats with respect to their code. Here's some examples:

Top 10 most used languages

  • Javascript 11.84%
  • Python 8.28%
  • Java 6.33%
  • HTML 4.24%
  • Shell 3.64%
  • C 1.86%
  • TypeScript 1.75%
  • PHP 1.75%
  • CSS 1.62%

Based on the dependencies listed as being used, the Python stuff seems to use a lot of requests, pandas, and numpy. Those are for fetching and analyzing data, so it looks like a major use for Python is large scale data analysis. That doesn't mean that is the only thing Python is used for of course. It's less obvious what the other languages are used for (other than the obvious web stuff).

Most used identified licenses:

  • AGPL 15.1%
  • BSD 3 clause 5.36%
  • GPLv2 3.59%
  • Eclipse 1.33%
  • MPL 1.15%
  • BSD 2 clause 0.75%
  • ISC 0.4%
  • CCA 0.27%

AGPL is a version of GPL mainly used with web services, so I would guess a lot of their web services use it. It is by far the most popular license.

I think the license picture may be more complex than that however, as when I search for GPL-3.0 it comes back with more than 8% of repositories using that license which should make it the number 2 license on that list, but it isn't. I suspect that many repositories have a mixture of licenses and the analysis used is too simplistic to capture that.

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