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As an American living now for over 30 years in European exile, I always wondered how it could be that so many Americans living at or near poverty never voted for a bit more socialism, or at least some basic healthcare. A bit of self-interest would not go astray for these people often having to work multiple poorly paid jobs just to keep their and their family's heads above water, and one illness away from bankruptcy or other financial disaster.

The truth is, most every American, no matter how bad off they are, is a frustrated billionaire whose ship is just about to come in...and of course this "american dream" nonsense is happily perpetuated and reinforced to the maximum degree possible by conservative media to enable the conservatives to conserve their own wealth as much as possible.

Agree that capitalism is a good system compared to the alternatives, but it does not have to be this pitiless turbo-capitalism forcing families to live out of their cars, massive homelessness, and all the associated trauma just so some 1%ers can avoid contributing to society in any way by paying some taxes on their exorbitant wealth. I never bought this "freedumb" story and am happy to pay more taxes in my adopted social democratic country.

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