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SAP = useless and non-relational relational dbs

So the Vic government spent >10 mil, and over 10 years trying to get a basic SAP system setup for taking educational enrollments in one state of Australia. SAP proudly had this system on it's page as a 'success' story.

Over the ten years it didn't manage to take a single enrollment.

In other news I have direct access to a SAP db at the moment. There are tables with no primary key and no combined key setup, SAP seems to think that having the FE software control the relations is better than having a normalised db.

Incidentally SAP was involved in the deleting of all the records of children at risk in QLD, the leaking of location data on people escaping domestic violence (this got back to some of the perpetrators and resulted in at least 1 death of a child).

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