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According to the IRS personal wealth estimates of top wealth holders had a combined net worth of $9.4 trillion, which was 10.7 percent of America's wealth total of $87.7T, in 2016 dollars. Of course they are a small percentage of the total population (0.32%), but to say that most of the money is at the top is simply incorrect. For details see here:

For me the main problem with your assertion that most money is at the top is that it assumes that the total amount of wealth is fixed, and it is not. Wealth is created by capitalism, so yes the rich get richer, but that does not require the poor to get poorer. As a matter of fact the poor are are doing better then even the richest person who lived a century ago.

You assert that the "system" is designed to keep the poor from achieving any kind of wealth, what is your source for that? What benefit is there to the rich to keep the poor down? I truly don't understand that way of thinking. And if you look at the richest people in the US, none of them inherited it. Musk, Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg etc, all started with nothing.

I did look at the Pew articles you referenced, and what I find most curious is that they never really go into the why of it, yes the gap is widening between the richest and the poorest, but is that by design? If so, as you seem to think, whose design?

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