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Not really. If people vote for a socialist government then they enact socialist policies. That is the will of the people. Capitalism is an unregulated mess of greed and destruction. We have food banks and poverty in the richest countries in the world. Governments don't regulate because they are part of the problem taking backhanders and bribes. The media is owned by the same people who benefit the most from capitalism so you never get the true story of just how messed up this world is.

This is the problem, people like yourself don't understand what socialism is or you wouldn't put it with communism or fascism. It's a redistribution of wealth through proper taxation and regulation so the world is a fairer place. No one is being forced it's what people are going to eventually vote for. Though the people at the top won't let that happen so we'll end up with a totalitarian capitalist state. You were saying something about direct force of government I believe?

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