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"I can't pay my mortgage, my bills, and any other monthly expenses before what's left is taxed. It would be nice if I could, but I can't."

(from a US perspective)

At one point in the past you could do this to a point. All interest on credit was deductible, mortgage, credit cards, etc. But it was all just a shell game, (same as it is today) The top tax rate was 90% but no one paid that on their income, You paid it on like 20% of your income after deductions.

The "lie" that the rich don't pay taxes is a relic of the French Revolution that the Left still trots out to this day, The rich actually did not pay taxes in France in the 1700's but today in the US the top 1% pay 40% of federal income tax.

If you want a fair tax system you scrap the income tax (which is just a tool of the Left) and replace it with a consumption tax that EVERYONE pays! I mean EVERYONE! Individuals, corporations, small business, non-profits, churches, EVERYONE! It is not regressive! If the Left can impose exceedingly high taxes on gasoline, natural gas and tobacco, all which adversely effect the poorest among us, they cannot make the argument that 10% on everything you buy is regressive!

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