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Right of removal

Just a thought, but I do wonder just how accurately 'Clearview AI' can identify someone from a blurred image, and what they actually state as a probability of identification of a known individual.

In the UK and EU, of course, we have recourse to GDPR and data protection legislation which allows for people to insist that corporations which have personal data associated with them to remove the data if the corporation does not have an adequate reason (as registered with the ICO in the UK or EU country) and that possession of data is causing the subject distress. I do not believe that Clearview IA has a 'National Security' or 'National Law Enforcement' role to avoid that obligation.

On the other hand, servicing, say, 20 million Subject Access Requests (for free, now in the UK) within the 40 days statutory period, might just be a bit of a strain too, if we all ask at once.

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