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The rather infamous SpaceX toilet is, it would seem, still busted.

Not true. Elon's invented the world's first space toilet, just one of the many ways he's revolutionised everything. I have it on good authority that the astronauts found out about the Hertz 'deal', asked what the impact on margins would be, and was promptly punched by Elon. Or one of his assistants. Either that or they quite litterally managed to laugh their *** off.

But such is politics. Or demonstrating the old adage that if you lose money on every vehicle, you can make it up in volume. Elon's clarified the situation by pointing out that Hertz doesn't have a contract, and they'll be paying full MSRP. I mean if you're bulk buying, why wouldn't you expect a discount? NASA may be working on the same assumption with the news that it'll be ditching the ISS and renting space in commercial space stations.. So more orbital pork for SpaceX.

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