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AR type weapons have had belt feeds since 1963. Eugene Stoner, who designed the AR-15, designed the Stoner Weapon System around the 5.56mm cartridge; SWSs were used by the SEALs and the Marines in Vietnam. (The Marines didn’t use very many SWSs, but the ones which they did use were very effective.) AR-15s have a lot of commonality with SWSs, and parts, including the receiver, can be swapped out. It is easy, though not cheap to put a belt feed into an AR. Why anyone not an extreme gun nut would want one is another question entirely.

When I was a lot younger I used to read the early (first two dozen or so, last I looked there were around 200) Mack Bolan books, and the authors of the series really liked SWSs. I stopped reading them about the time that m’man Mack used a pistol as a sniper gun. I see that many people seem to have had a higher tolerance for nonsense. In any case, Mack was always fiddling with Stoner guns. I just checked, there are 631 Mack Bolan books. 631. There are a lot of guys who like repetitive gun porn out there…

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