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Boeing really is having trouble keeping up, aren't they? They're kinda like IBM that way. Decades ago IBM laid off a bunch of middle and upper management all at once (quite possibly for reasons including age and retirement obligations, but that's another issue). But I think everyone around them agreed that there were too many "bosses" and not enough people doing work. It may be that Boeing has too many bosses and bureaucrats who circulate papers with one another and therefore "scamper" instead of run.

And THEN you naturally get a few high profile problems because NOBODY seems to have the time to SOLVE them.

I wonder if Boeing could simply build 10 rockets, launch the first, fix whatever it finds wrong with some creative hardware hacking, then launch the next and the next until they get one that works... yeah that's kinda how Musk did it I bet!

(ooh look, another fireball! back to the workshop...)

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