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The iPhone 13 was announced in mid September and started shipping before the end of the month. Apple usually manages to ship about 10 million of a new model at the end of Q3.

Last year they didn't because the iPhone 12 was delayed and didn't impact Q3 numbers. That's why the revenue comps were expected to be +50% and the market was disappointed when they were only 40-some percent.

Last year that just pushed those sales back to Q4, so between that and the supply chain issues limiting their ability to ship iPhone 13s as quickly as they would like it seems unlikely they will match last year's Q4 numbers. But to the extent supply chain issues cause them to fall short of last year's Q4 numbers, when they get caught up to demand in either Q1 or Q2 they'll easily blow by last year's numbers.

So expect a lot of silly articles about how iPhone 13 isn't living up to expectations about three months from now when Apple reports a revenue miss, then more silly articles about how iPhone 13 has "proven the naysayers wrong" another quarter or two with the revenue beat!

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