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Those who speak out of thei backsides

as in the wall st analysts, don't like it that Tim Apple stopped giving guidance when COVID came along.

Their guesstimates are even more guesses than before so they love to err on the high side so that they can slag off Tim Apple when they come in with huge profits but not as ginormous as they'd predicted.

I wish that there was some way that normal investors could make those charlatans (analysts) take a financial hit for their bad advice. Perhaps then... Nah. Who am I kidding but myself eh?

If those numpties had any sense, they'd be taking a long hard look at Intel, AMD and Microsoft. All it would take for Intel and AMD's stock to tank, would be for MS to say that they are supporting ARM on more than their own devices. I am sure that the likes of HP, Dell, ASUS and others have ARM designs all ready to go. They have seen what Apple has done and would want a slice of that pie should MS say the word.

It will be interesting to see what chip Apple put in the rumoured iMac-Pro. That might give us an idea about the next gen Mac-Pro but all of that stuff is way over the heads of those Wall St types.

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