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Diversification Needed by Apple

M$ have effectively re-invented themselves over the last few years. Almost nobody buys their stuff anymore, they rent it and effectively make M$ a none state tax entity, HMRC where the M is for Microsoft. Apple are currently exploiting their monopoly position i.e. locking every apple user into the system, but that is all they have. If you take away the iPhone name, there is very little of substance for them to fall back on. They got lucky with the phones, M$ got lucky with the desktop, M$ have moved on and are reaping the 'rewards' (AKA screwing the gullible in another manner) Apple are sitting on their laurels.

Sadly while we have a brain dead corporate model that favours OPEX (lets give our money to somebody else) over CAPEX (lets innovate and do stuff ourselves) these two corporations will continue to prosper and laugh all the way to the bank.

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