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Chip shortages took $6bn bite out of Apple's top line

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New iPhone not a "must buy"

Its only a slight dip in revenue, from "enormous" to "not quite enormous" but the investment analysis game usually punishes companies that don't make their target by beating down their stock price (all those robo-traders who see APPL missing their estimated revenue target so 'sell immediately'). But hidden in there is one important detail. Apple released a new phone a month ago to a collective yawn -- nobody seems to be particularly interested in it.

So the news is really "Apple launched a new product and nobody was interested". Its probably not the product but the times we live in -- last year's model still works and people seem to be getting cautious about excessive consumer spending. (Which will be blamed on "supply chain" issues but could just as well be "consumption chain" issues -- if people get out of the habit of buying stuff...could it finally be "The End Of The World As We Know It"?)

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