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Good Grief! Ransomware gang has only gone and pwned the NRA – or so it claims

lglethal Silver badge

I think its more along the lines of if you pay these scum, then they are encouraged to continue to ransomware. If you dont pay them, and no one is allowed to pay them, then there's no money in it, and they'll have to find some other way to make money.

It's the same reason why your not allowed to/supposed to pay kidnappers. It encourages further kidnappings.

If the money's not there, then people are going to stop doing it and go and do something else.

So how about instead of paying the ransom, you spend the money in advance on training users not to get phished, implementing secure builds, and making sure you have working and tested backups, so that if you get hit, the effect is minimal. It works out cheaper for everyone in the long run.

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