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I would agree about the right to not join one, but the rest of your post is a load of bull.

It's been demonstrated time and time again that within Amazon any "discussion" around pay, conditions, etc is basically a case of "back to work and if you raise it again you're fired" - if it isn't just "you're fired" as an opening response from the company. There is a MASSIVE disparity in bargaining power between Amazon and the warehouse workers - with Amazon basically able to ditch anyone not prepared to work like a slave, under unreasonable conditions, for a pittance in pay. So having a union with a mandate to negotiate on the workers behalf is unlikely to be anything but a good thing for the workers.

And without investigating, I would suspect that Amazon have set up shop in places where there isn't too much competition for workers. That's a common tactic - offer jobs where there weren't too many and people will welcome you with open arms. But then they find that the employer is a [insert expletive here] and unfortunately there aren't a lot of other options.

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