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Amazon warehouse workers in New York to labor watchdog: We want our union vote

Insert sadsack pun here

You must have skipped over the bit in the article that mentioned...

"In August, the NLRB concluded that Amazon had interfered with the voting process and recommended that another election be held"

...and the linked El Reg article that explained how Amazon had interfered with the NLRB's administration of the vote (by setting up its own anti-union slogan festooned, CCTV-surveilled "drop your vote here" mailbox, and by attempting to interfere with union campaigning on street corners) as well as generally acting like petulant teenage bullies with something to hide (mandatory anti-union training and hiring cops to skulk around the facility).

I heard that Bezos is trying to build a time machine so be can bring back some of those old school Pinkerton private dicks...

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