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The Persistent ACTive Cyber Threat Now Available for AI Treatments?

Well, at least Mein Herr Fleming has realised the enigmatic conundrum to be heroically addressed, although whether such can/will ever be acceptably resolved to the specific satisfaction of whom he professes to represent with his remarks on the chance for "like-minded Western liberal nations to make sure that the technologies on which we all rely encompass our values, are secured by design, have been subject to the standards and regulations that we approve of, because we think that they do promote our prosperity and our values." is the gazillion dollar question always to be left sensibly unanswered ...... and especially so whenever/should any such nations be heavily invested in ensuring perverse continuity of previously outrageously advantageous self-serving abuse/systemic misuse.

Defending the indefensible and inequitable always results in one being recognised, sooner or later inevitably, as the enemy and foe to be vanquished and disenfranchised ........ and to imagine that it cannot be recognised by advancing smarter systems administrators/trusted agents from within such abusive operations, and they will continue to accept and support it rather than aspire and/or conspire to defeat it, is a peerless 0day vulnerability for exploitation and export against which there is no effective defence/attack vector?

And such is only natural and thus fully to be expected and enthusiastically encouraged rather than feared and opposed ‽ .

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