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I'm amazed, disgusted, & dismayed at all the attempts that land in my junk folder, and even moreso by the stuff that manages to get through. Since I'm blind & my screen reader renders all international domains into plain text, it's often ludicrously easy to realize that the embedded url claiming to be to one source actually goes to a different one. Am I going to click that link to someone else's onedrive/google docs account? Hell no. So I click the "report as spam" link & delete it from my email client.

I fear what sighted folks that don't bother to check such things wind up falling victim to, clicking links willy nilly as if they were safe & harmless.

I often wonder what the internet would be like if a common sense/IQ test were required to gain access. Given that evolution keeps creating better idiots, I'm not sure "idiot proofing" would do any good...

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