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Re: Perhaps we could have a version of this for the west as well

You are aware of GlassDoor right? It is mentioned in the article. It is basically this, but as a website.

As for Company and Interviewer disparities, well if you're lucky and going in as an engineer or someone with a similar level of experience and kudos, then you can call in the interviewer and your boss and explain that you signed up for what was sold, and either you will stick to what was sold or there needs to be a salary renegotiation.

Admittedly, if your a graduate, or someone low down the food chain, then your ability to bring this up might be limited, but you should still try to mention it as otherwise your just encouraging. There are usually laws against such behaviour in most sensible jurisdictions, so just mentioning it to HR, can get changes made as they begin shitting themselves about legal consequences.

Just sucking it up is rarely the right answer...

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