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Chinese developers rebel against long working hours with crowdsourced tell-all on employers


But China is not a workers' paradise

It is going to take a generation or three to get to the levels of 'freedom' we in the west take for granted

China wants it all, and until recently they had the chance to get there, but increased production, goes hand in hand with increased awareness, so making it harder for the CCP to keep things like what the west are doing FOR their workforce a secret, it WILL change, just don't expect to see anything really dramatic until this generation of leaders is dead and buried, and a newer, younger, more 'aware' leadership take their place, China is a massive market, all on its own, but it is NOT large enough to maintain anything like a market leading profile on that market alone.

They HAVE to sort out the conundrum of the disparity of the present, if they have any chance of being relevant in the future.

And yes, I AM aware we are not always the best example to point to, but we DO have some freedoms we take for granted, that China's workforce WILL desire / require

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