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That's exactly where I am at now. Unable to afford anything decent. (Kitteh requires mucho-scrummy num-nums!)

Wanted to buy a top-end Ryzen proc and other 'goodies' last year, but those were scarcer than hens' teeth. This year, the best stuff is still hard to source at a non-silly price.

Along comes Windows10.5 with its silly minimum hardware requirements, thus making even more components hard to find as they are being bought up en masse to run "Windows 8 Vista2/ME™️."

Up goes the prices, again.

It now looks like my 8yr-old (then bleeding-edge) AMD proc is going to be kept grunting along at least for the next three years. (Especially as each patch seems to make Win11 run slower on AMD than the last!)

What with personal financial difficulties created largely by the fallout from Covid and Brexit, I've already warned hubby that my next CAD Beast is likely to cost him his left nut!

Icon: Forlornly searching hubby's jackets for spare cash.

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