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I was curious so I googled (well duck duck goed, but that doesn't flow off the tongue/keyboard too well) and found this:

The question I have is, what viruses are passed primarily through physical contact and could thus be affected by silver nanoparticles? Common knowledge was that to avoid catching the flu you want to "wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes", and at first they assumed coronavirus was similar. When they found out coronavirus was spread almost exclusively through the air someone did a historical review of medical journals to determine where that common knowledge about influenza came from.

Apparently it was based on a paper written 60 years ago that was later retracted, but it had already become "common knowledge" in the medical community and beyond. The cold and flu viruses are now believed to spread almost exclusively through the air. It is funny that we seemed to know that or at least believe it back in 1918, as there were recommendations to wear masks to reduce the spread, and plenty of photos of people doing so outside medical settings in the US like walking on the street or in the stands at a football game.

I suppose non respiratory viruses may spread more or even exclusively through touch, but washing your hands and not touching your eyes is probably still a better bet to avoid those viruses than coating everything you touch in silver nanoparticles.

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