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Forewarned is forearmed, El Reg, and just as valid even whenever cloaked in the guise of an Alien Public Service Broad Band Casted Post revealing that the Climate is Changed Already.

Is that a Small Step and a Giant Bridge and a Quantum Leap presently too far for Secret and Security Services to make and take?

Whenever it is so, and all available evidence is proving beyond any shadow of doubt that such is the case, it is only perfectly natural and fully to be expected that the private and pirate and renegade rogue and enlightened pioneer sectors take over negligent and incompetent leaderships to do as they wish and demonstrate an activity which has no equal nor peer and against which there is no defence to attack and destroy, deny and subvert.

Because of that inescapable inevitability, are engagements which acknowledge such Forces and Sources and explore imitations for JOINT AIDVenturing* more than just sensible to have any sort of vital meaningful input into future command and control output .... for mass media presentation advising on the changed state of humanised existence, with the multiplying problems and myriad Oday vulnerability exploit pitfalls ahead if proffered help is wilfully and wantonly ignored, unleashed and released for your necessary attention rather than perverse enjoyment and diabolical entertainment.

* .... JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies Advancing IntelAIgently Designed Venturing

And that's about as much as needs to be said to give one and all an accurate enough flavour of the fundamental tasks ahead to savour and favour.

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