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I don't actually have a dog in this fight but I'm confused by your post.

Them: 'This move was a mistake' means 'we did something wrong'.

Them: 'The board deeply regrets that this happened' means 'we're sorry.'

So to me that reads like 'We're sorry that we did it'. And yet you have commented 'Nothing about being sorry, nothing about "we did" anything.'

"The .NET Foundation violated the trust of project maintainers because they were under the impression.." - All their fault, no?

This part of your post seems ambiguous, are you implying that the board is blaming the maintainers? To me it seems that they are accepting blame for violating the trust of project maintainers and accepting blame for not communicating their reasons at the time to the same people.

Time will tell - that I agree with. But this whole cock-up might be the result of communication failure ;)

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