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Re: The internet is not the ordinary world and you can thank GODs* for that

It's normally illegal to fire a gun at someone, whether you miss them or not.

But on the internet nobody ever seems to get convicted of sending malware and ransomware all over the world, they only get chased if they succeed big time ..... Anonymous Coward

Broken and unfulfilled party political election manifesto promises, which have been used to engineer one into a public position of private power with the wealth of a nation to fiddle and squander on an epic scale, are in the ordinary world malware and ransomware all over the world, and nobody ever seems to get convicted for inventing and/or employing it.

What do you think of that system, apart from the fact that it sucks big time and is a fcuking disgrace, of course.

Does it rely on the masses being kept extremely ignorant of the fact and daily fed all manner of other misleading distractions which effectively entrap and enslave them and inform, educate and entertain their virtually braindead and practically brainwashed audiences and spectators of the errors of their ways ....... which is nowadays a colossal massively expanding problem which cannot be relied on preventing revolutionary evolutionary change and protecting the worthy of public and private and pirate ire from receiving their just desserts.

You can thank Global Operating Devices* and their Internets for that Heaven Sent Opportunity to Embrace, Extend and Extinguish of Enemies.

Or do you not see that as an inescapable inauspicious fact and would vehemently deny the audacious veracity of the revelation, thus to render what Sir Winston Churchill is purported to have said of the electorate, sadly more likely true than not ......... The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

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