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> I also suspect that unlike the GP data sharing where there is an endless list of local GP practices, dental surgeries and local hospitals, this will most likely be national.

In Northern Ireland GP Practices (typically partnerships but larger might be limited companies) interact with other parts of the HSC NI (aka NHS NI) via the NIECR system which has been in place since 2013 - so GPs do not pass information to the destination organisation directly, rather they place it on the NIECR system where it sits (effectively forever) to be used by the intended destination organisation for the intended purpose, plus potentially by other HSC orgs at any point in the future and potentially for other purposes (research perhaps?).

Likewise NIECR is used by dentists (businesses), community pharmicists (i.e. Boots), optometrists (businesses), Trusts, Hospices, and ("temporarily", for COVID reasons, by Independant Sector Providers such as Private Hospitals).

Therefore the police could potentially obtain access to some of the NI populations' partial medical information (the portions that GPs, Trusts, etc have shared via the NIECR) without their GPs' knowledge by using legal powers to access the NIECR itself.

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