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@Boo Radley

I see where you're going. Having known a few coppers, sadly that is not unreasonable conjecture.

Talking of Gay, non-gender-conforming people are going to be exposed as well.

For instance, people designated as "TS" by The System in the UK have the option of obtaining a new NHS number in their acquired/corrected sex/gender(whatever you prefer).

As a result, their health records are given 'protected' status so that it requires special permission to access the full record (or at least, it should...).

If the predators and bigots in the police get access to their personal information, that person could be subject to all kinds of targeted abuse.

It's exactly this reason that protected status is granted - bigots be bigots.

Giving open and speculative access is just the thin end of the wedge - whether you be CIS, LGBTQ+, or even from Mars, your medical information is YOURS and should NOT be available to all and sundry, and especially NOT the Gestapo police!

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