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England's Data Guardian warns of plans to grant police access to patient data

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Anonymous Coward

Next the Police will be asking...

To link NHS medical records to any Tinder profile, to save them 'that' extra step after they have arrested someone at a peaceful vigil.

Sadly the days of trusting the MET Police are long gone, (since 07/07/05, Cressida Dick was in charge of that operation too). I'd take my chances with trusting a random person in the street above a lone plain clothes MET Officer, that's how bad things are. In my head at least - I'd run to the nearest house with a light on and bang the door, as soon as they uttered those words...

Let's face it, she had no chance given emergency Covid Laws, and anyone that's says different is not giving Everard the respect she deserves. The scary thing is - nothing has changed and this just adds to it all, because access to NHS data will make such situations even worse.

Even if the Police haven't yet accessed someone's medical records, the assumption in the person's head will be they have, because they can, just like accessing someone's Tinder profile to intimidate.

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