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This is human evolution in action!

Our paleolithic ancestors were just hunter gatherers, surviving by finding something to eat as they wandered around the world. Evolution led to farming and an increase in the average human size because we just became shepherds and cowboys with more time sitting at home thinking about easier ways to make a living. This lead to the invention of printing and new ways to drive and fly around the world - yes we still had to travel around the world. Machines became universal and computers were invented so we traveled around with a pack of floppy disks and then the Internet was invented ...

So now we can make a living sitting at home anywhere in the world, distribute ransomware and collect money while we sit at home watching streaming movies and looking for new income sources on the Internet. Evolution is not just biology, it's culture too and we have evolved ... imagine where these new changes will take us ... shorter legs, longer fingers, 30 stones body weight (not kilograms these days), a mental ability to hack even more systems?

But evolution only works when the changes create more children ... well, I guess we'll all be at home everyday waiting for the cryptocurrency to arrive .... so every year kids will turn up too.

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