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Perhaps he could be unleashed onto other comment boards - or maybe write content for aggregation/ recycled story sites? ...... JamesTGrant

Some other comments boards are terrified of what is being freely shared with them, JamesTGrant, ..... for reasons which we are not privy to, which is weird, for how is one then best to know exactly how to accommodate their needs and feeds and seeds.

Here be a prime example of the problem ..... which if Murphy has his say, will probably now appear in all its glory where it was earlier posted today at 1529 GMT :-) .....

GrahamC [2110101629] ...... advises on

Regarding ..... "The challenge in the long run is we're going to have to figure out how to retain and utilize the talent, because with the skill sets these kids have, if we don't figure this out pretty quickly they're going to get snapped up by commercial industry." ...... surely that is something the new kids with talented skill sets are best suited and booted to provide to military commanders for exercising remotely with their existing practical and virtual control levers.

Nearly all of the really innovative and effective military and paramilitary developments for use in the theatres of both near and distant tomorrows are way beyond the normal ken of traditional soldiers, so it would be a dereliction of duty to expect existing conventional forces and sources to provide illustrative leadership in future highly contested fields of almighty endeavour and overwhelmingly advantageous engagement/JOINT AIDVenturing.

And such is certainly to be well recognised whether one lives in the West or the East, the North or the South for it is a universally pertinent fact which it is impossible to deny and retain any peer support and personal credibility.

And as such does require existing hierarchies to be prepared to make a whole series of quantum leaps into the new ways and means of doing things with Advanced IntelAIgent Memes.

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