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Password policies .... arghhhhh

Apparently October is cyber month!

So corporate It have sent out more security training with their normal inimitable style.

An email to everyone with a link to some training video telling you not to click on random links

It did contain useful information about passwords, "horsebatterystaple" instead of Password123 for example.

Now we all have to change password, but the rules are max 16 chars, upper+lower+symbol+number !

And the disabled pin login, the thing that Microsoft introduced so you didn't enter your password 20 times a day precisely so you could have a more secure password.

And we have 2fa, which means having the Microsoft 2fa app on your phone, which they don't provide, but must be unrooted and you have to give IT the ability to manage the device in order to run the 2fa app.

And somehow it needs a new 2fa when you open outlook, then teams, then office365, then onedrive.....

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