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Microsoft vows to make its Surface laptops, Xbox kit easier to fix by 2022

Gavin Chester

Costc cutting at the component level dies not help.

My Xbox one X's (living room and study) have both have had to have the HDMI timer chip fail after they stopped working without warning. Its a common issue, and an easy fix if you capable of board level soldering, I'm not but there are companies who do it for you. One failed less than 2 weeks after I bought it new with less than 20 or so hours use on it.

Its not only the cost and availability of parts, its designing the system to last, not taking the route of using the cheap components you can that may help the maker keep competitive price wise, but if they fail after 18 months and they charge more for a repair that the console costs (its £294 for a Xbox 1 X repair which is not that far off about what they cost new before they were discontinued) then don't be surprised if it your customer base looks at the competitors.

Did no one learn from the BadCaps / Capacitor plague issues in the mid 2000's that sometimes you can go too cheap.

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