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Now, note, I [intentionally] do not make many purchases off random sites on the internet due to this very issue. I try to buy only from sellers I've purchased from before, I do not spread my CC info around nilly-willy (I use, gasp!, CASH almost exclusively and do not trust the people & systems that (should) keep my info secure). Indeed, one of the few times I actually used my CC in-person to make a purchase...fake Apple iTunes purchases were made using my account the next day. Since I *never* buy *anything* Apple, you can be sure that I reported it immediately and let my frustration be known.

I make sure I select "Do not save my credit card info" during checkout.

On those websites that don't offer this option, I go back after the purchase has been made and intentionally delete my CC info from "Saved Payments".

But I use NoScript, Privacy Badger, UBlock and Facebook Container; delete all cookies after every session; permanently block cookies from known trackers such as Google, Facebook, Doubleclick and Bing et al; block all non-visited cookies; Do Not Track; no Facebook, Instagram, etc etc etc.

In other words, I take an active participation in my own on-line security. The vast, vast, VAST majority of people are, well, lazy and expect other people to take care of these issues, and then (have the nerve, from my personal perspective) to get angry when those people can't get it right 100% of the time.

Take some personal responsibility. Take some level of security into your own hands and keep track of where, and when, you give out your personal information. Who will use it, who will see it, who will keep it, who is tracking it. It's YOURS.

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