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How does the bridge work?

How does the bridge work?

If messages on Matrix are encrypted, and messages on Signal are encrypted, how do messages get from one network to the other? Surely there has to be some password sharing (and decryption) going on?

And then how does each network know how to route messages from one to the other? I can see something like user+signal@matrix (or however Matrix addresses users) getting routed to the bridge and then the bridge converting it to that Signal user's phone number (sigh, I really wish Signal had userids not tied to phones) and decrypting/encrypting and forwarding it, but in the other direction Signal only knows about phone numbers, and presumably the bridge only has one phone number as its address?

All this reminds me that I really should get around to giving Delta Chat a go, which seems to take the sensible stance of using email addresses as ids, and building on top of standard email as well...

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