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Boris, so you did Brexit and then did fook all that you couldn't have done while in the EU. Yet the "digital economy" thing is *doable* now and it wasn't before... how?

What's missing from the digital economy? Money, they can make a website that provides a useful service/product, but unless its a service that's worth sufficient money per transaction there is no way to bill for it. There is a minimum fee per transaction for payment systems, and no way around that. There is no way to get paid for it.

Adverts? Well Google will suck 85%+ of most sites ad revenue, there are very few breakthrough sites that have enough leverage to get a payout from Google.

How is your digital economy going to reimburse successful sites that attract lots of visitors? It cannot.

You cannot have a digital economy without the 'economy' part.

Yet people DO PAY for the Internet, and there is a group of middlemen sucking down that content and reselling it at HUGE profit (£22 billion pa in BT's case). They pay NOTHING for that content they resell, yet without it they have nothing to sell.

It's a less than zero sum. The content sites have to *pay* for their connectivity and pay for their bandwidth and pay for their servers, yet BT get to *sell* that onwards to their customers for free. It's their customers that are visiting those sites and causing that flow of data. It's their customers that are receiving the benefit and paying handsomely for that benefit. It's just that BT are pocketing *ALL* of that money. They are middlemen parasites.

So, you pass a content law. BT, EE Sky etc. sets aside 10% of its ISP fee to be paid to the content sites. ISP customer receives digital 'money' tokens for the portion of their internet fee they paid. 1 token 1 quid, and their unused balance accumulates. Websites can sell goods and services and receive payment from that balance, in these tokens.

New UK sites will spring up enabled by the new source of money, initially targetting the UK customers. I anticipate third party digital retailers of the tokens to appear too over time with their own web interfaces. Again they will be UK based due to the nature of the payment system. New digital economy. If new sites are a success from the UK token, they will be able to then leverage the token payment systems to export that success abroad. While foreign sites, in a similar position will have no payment mechanism and no way to profit, giving the UK sites an advantage.

The parasitic nature of the end ISPs is turned into a positive thing, they become the billing mechanism. They need new services and reasons for people to pay for more internet, this gives them new services and reasons to sell internet connections. Ultimately the success of this system is their success, it gives them the driver to sell their overpriced ISP services to customers.

And it gives you your digital economy.

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