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Google won't fight South Korea's new app store payment laws requiring third-party payments

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So, err, Google "funds" Android development from sales in the Play Store. And if they have to allow other payment options, the Play Store will immediately become a ghost town and suddenly Korean Android will be in grave peril because all of the users have fled to other payment platforms? Meaning, ehhh, that Google will need to innovate in ways that keep consumers using their service instead of the alternatives. Which, hmmm, sounds EXACTLY like how Capitalism (the same system that made Google so rich) is supposed to work.

No tears for Google. They've had it their way for years and made scads of money to "fund" Android. Not sure if Android, or the Play Store, are any better after all of that funding, although I bet the Google/Alphabet execs have enjoyed walking in high cotton for so long.

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